Úkol do angličtiny

Koncem března dostali studenti septim z angličtiny za úkol, aby v krátkém textu popsali, jak vidí situaci v naší zemi v souvislosti s koronavirem za dva měsíce, tedy koncem května. Posuďte sami z vybraných prací, kdo se se svým odhadem nejlépe trefil...

Šimon Vojíř, 7.A

How I see the situation in the Czech Republic in two months

Guessing the future (in our case how the situation in the Czech Republic will look like) is quite hard these days. I would have to have all the information about the progress of coronavirus pandemic to make a good estimate. We are talking about the stats, cure development and other countless things and factors.

However, in my opinion the situation in the Czech Republic is not that bad compared to other European countries. To be honest, I think that they make a mountain out of a molehill on our TV. Of course, the situation would be far worse if our government hadn´t stepped in in time. But they did, and I assume that the quarantine will have ended in two months. Students will definitely have gone back to their schools by the end of May. We will be probably still wearing the surgical masks in case that virus keeps spreading.

So that’s my guess about the close future that we will be facing in our country soon.



Katka Richtrová, 7.B

My vision of the future 

As you probably have already noticed, since January we’ve been dealing with this angry little virus called SARS-CoV-2 that makes our body sick – the sickness itself has a name, COVID-19. But the fight is not won by far. A lot of people have died bravely fighting till the very end, and I think that in two-month time there will have been even more victims. But if we concentrate on the bigger picture, the death-rate curve will have definitely been flattened. But what about us, the poor students that are drowning in assignments and schoolwork? Well, that is a good question. I certainly hope that by the end of May we will have been able to go to school and work again. I’m cheering myself up with the vision of two-month older me, where I will be sitting outside without a face mask and I won’t be thinking about this unpleasant disease. Until then, we have to be strong and obey all the rules.



Lukáš Semerád, 7.B

What will our country look like in two months?

In two months, we will be going to school regularly, the basketball championship will be resumed and Lukáš Semerád will definitely receive his trophy for the best shooter of the league which he has already won. The quarantine will be over. Everyday life will get back to normal and the government will probably lose support of the Czechs and they will be trying to get it back or they will have resigned by then. So, the Czechs will probably have to choose their new political leaders. Luckily, many young students of Gymnázium Českolipská will be able to find the best politicians. 

If there is something that we are sure about, it is the fact that monks will be silent and calm.  So, stay at home, be calm and silent. Try to get as perfect as monks.