Poems about recycling

Studenti profesorky Šupkové skládali básně o recyklaci.


Acrostic poem by Anna Jindrová, 5.B

R emind
E veryone
C almly:
Y ou
C an
L ove
the E arth



Recycling by Veronika Konšalová, 5.A


Reality is really that bad

Earth has been decimed

Catastrophy is here now

Your un cannot shine

Crying for forests and animals 

Live is now more dangerous

can´t breath anymore

No, no, futhermore

Go and help right now


Recycling by Markéta Fajkusová, 5.A



We´re killing the Earth
and that´s really fun.
No one believes us,
because we are young.

The environment is collapsing
and we´re doing nothing.
So start to recycle
everything that you can.
Because this is not a joke
our Earth is dying, again.

Dear future life,
I don´t think we´re gonna survive.
If you end up listening to this story,
I just want to say.
I´m really sorry.


Recycling by Nicole Hrůzová, 5.A

Rainy days are very sad,
Earthworm won't be mad.
Can she swim in the plash?
Yes, but it's a trash.
Can she slide down the hill?
Last time it was thrill.
Eventually she got ill.


Recycling by Daniel Kraus, 5.A

Ready to recycle,
Everything counts.
Can you do it for our planet?
Yes, of course you can!
Cans, tins and bottles have to be cleaned up, so
Leave your phone and computer and help us,
Even if you have to stay in quarantine.



Recycling by Michal Badinka, 5.A

Reality may be tough,
Even if we recycle stuff.
Carton, glass and cotton top,
Yelling for a better job.
Calamity of the rubbish,
Losing the world step by step,
Ending is near unless we help.


Recycling by Tereza Benešová, 5.A

Recycling is great,
Even if you have an empty plate.
Climate change isn't great
You should be afraid.
Can you see the sun?
Look, a gun!
Evil days have just begun.


Recycling by Barbora Dušková, 5.A

R - isk something for nature
E - nvironment is important for everybody
C - lean up after yourself
Y - ou have to be responsible
C - ommon things can help too
L - et's do something useful
E - veryone should be green


Recycling by Julie Dvořáková, 5.A

Recycle to save our planet
Environment needs your help
Change could happen any minute
You can start it by yourself
Clean up the streets from the rubbish
Love the earth and care for it
Every little thing is worth it


Recycling by Barbora Froňková, 5.A

I sometimes recycle
But I used to cycle
Cycling is a lot of fun
I was passing the trees one by one
Coming home was also good
I could lay on the bed with my notebook
I used to love my bicycle but now I have a motorcycle



Recycling by Veronika Budinová, 5.B

It´s important to recycle,                                               
After all, it´s a simple cycle,                                            
And it´s not that hard,                                                     
Damn it,                                                                              
Everyone can do it,                                                         
So please at least try it.                                                    


Recycling by Zuzana Čapková, 5.B                                                        

Recycling is important,                                                 
Everything must be recycled,                                          
Collect paper and put it in a recycling bin,                    
You should recycle too,                                                     
Can you do it?                                                                     
Look after your future,                                                      
Everybody can do it!                                                          


Recycling by David Fenton, 5.B

save Your
Lots of time
and the the Earth


Recycling by Monika Hrubá, 5.B

R - eusing old things and materials (waste)
E - asy help to the environment
C - apacity utilization of the earth
Y - ard selling
C - caring about world
L - ack of space for new people on our people (overpopulation)
E – arth


Recycling by Stella Chaloupková, 5.B

R - Really not that hard.
E - Environment will the thank you.
C - Can be fun.
Y - You will feel good about it.
C - Care about our future.
L - Little changes for you, big for world.